We loved creating these heirlooms and hope you can draw inspiration for your own unique keepsakes.

Here are their stories...

Maya's Story:
When I first received my necklace the three diamonds were for my husband, my son, and me. Our family. Soon we will be welcoming our second son and so the three diamonds will represent my three boys. My loves.

Genevieve's Story:
I purchased my Bar Necklace with 8 stones - one for each letter of my oldest son's first name.  I'm pretty sure that the fact that I wear it on my neck every day means as much to him as it does to me.  When I travel and am away from him he often tells me "it's okay, you won't be sad because you have your necklace...the one for my name".

This necklace is also special to me because it represents something nice I did for myself.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry and this is one of the only pieces of fine jewelry I own - crafted and designed by an artist - other than my wedding ring.  Like my ring, I know I will have it and wear it forever.

Bert's Story:
I wear my shield ring with 4 diamonds daily as it reminds me of my 4 wonderful grandkids. It's a stunning piece that has more meaning than anything other than my wedding ring.

My XO bangle is so delicate, different, and loving. It can be worn daily regardless if I'm dressed up or very casual. I absolutely love my pieces!

Meredith's Story:
I received my Amour Absolu mini circle pendant as a gift and I love that it has 3 diamonds for the 3 boys in my life. My favorite thing is that I can wear it with absolutely anything. I love to throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt for running around or I can wear it with a nice cocktail dress as well. 

Jan's Story:
I received the vertical bar pendant as a gift from my children for my birthday. It is so special to me because it has 2 diamonds for them and 2 for my grandchildren. It has now become a staple in my everyday jewelry. Amour Absolu was amazing to work with and so accommodating when I wanted my chain length changed.

Theresa's Story:
I absolutely love my Amour Absolu necklace! I own the bar pendant in white gold, with three rows of diamonds- each representing the names of my three sons. It's unique, subtle, and gorgeous! I cannot imagine a lovelier piece of fine jewelry to represent my sons!

Kate's Story:
I ordered my first Amour Absolu piece after the birth of our first son. I got the gold horizontal bar, my absolute favorite item! Five diamonds for Wyatt. 
I got my second piece, the gold diamond stackable ring with three diamonds for the members of my family. I got both in yellow gold and they look great with all of my other jewelry that is silver and gold.


Ashley's Story:

I absolutely treasure my beautiful bar necklace with 7 diamonds reminding me of our anniversary 7-7-07. It's a great piece to add to any collection, but even more special because of the personalization!